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Reading to Understand


“This reading course is practical and fun. It has broadened my vocabulary tremendously.”
Jacqueline Leung, Editor [Publishing]
“This Reading To Understand course has proved itself. My team can now read various business articles at twice the speed and fully understand them.”
Cathy Tsang, Corporate Communication Manager [Finance]
“We are saving tremendous time and effort in reading. There’s no way Google Translate can match the amazing skills we’ve learned.”
Steven Chan, Reporter [Media]

Just getting the gist of an article may not be good enough; important hidden meanings could well be overlooked. Through this interactive course, you will understand almost any business material. You will interpret all words, phrases and sentences as if they were in Chinese. You will read much faster and save up to 50% of time. You will feel an immediate improvement and your reading of business material will be more effective and more efficient.


  • To fully understand a variety of business material

  • To interpret articles as precisely as if they are in Chinese

  • To broaden vocabulary significantly

  • To learn fundamental grammar rules

  • To increase reading speed by 50%

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence