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Presenting in English


“I saw smiling faces in my recent sales presentations and I’ve got more business cards from interested prospects.”
Tony Cheng, Marketing Director [Banking]
“I am practising my presentations using what I’ve learned. The course has helped me a lot and gets me results.”
Claire Wong, International Sales Manager [Garment]
“My presentations have become more engaging and entertaining. The feedback from the audience is great.”
Sara Leung, Corporate Sales Manager [Securities]

Good presentation skills can mean the difference between exciting and engaging the audience and boring and confusing them. Even with good presentation skills, delivering in English may prevent you from effectively conveying your messages. We can help you get great results with a direct and logical flow using simple but effective words and expressions.


  • To better plan and structure presentations

  • To correctly use simple words and expressions

  • To clearly communicate key messages in English

  • To effectively engage the audience

  • To confidently present in English

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence