We tailor courses to meet the needs of institutional customers, from listed companies to multinationals and from universities to NGOs. We coach participants with competence, passion and fun. For all of our customers: learning attitudes are changed; practical skills applied and expected results achieved. We can help your staff members realize a genuine improvement of workplace English.



We run public programmes regularly in our Jordan centre. They cover the key areas of workplace English in eight courses. Each full course comprises up to three modules: Essential, Advanced and Professional. Each module is conducted in one full weekday (seven-hour) or three weekday evenings (2.5-hour).


We conduct regular seminars of various topics and scenarios about using English at work. They range from writing to speaking, negotiation to presentation and handling complaints to conducting meetings. These engaging, practical and fun mini-workshops offer you instant improvement.

No fuss, no hassle, no commitment, but great learning experiences for immediate results. Just show up and brush up your English.


We coach individuals one-on-one. Our cosy service has helped many executives achieve their English competence. Through tailored programmes covering all aspects of the language, you will start improving in no time. You can use English effectively and confidently at work.

You will feel the difference from the first session. Give us a ring now.