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Accurate English Pronunciation


“It is really great to learn more about the proper ways of English pronunciation.”
Elaine Ng, Communications Manager, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
“I enjoyed every minute of this pronunciation programme. Now, we are speaking genuine English at work.”
Stella Fung, Brand Manager [Retailing]
“After the first session, I clearly felt that my pronunciation had improved. We now understand why foreigners often look so puzzled when we speak to them.”
Martin Lai, Restaurant Manager [Hospitality]

Accurate pronunciation is an overlooked necessity when communicating in English. By mastering the fundamentals of accurate pronunciation, you will speak more confidently, be understood by foreigners and increase your understanding of native spoken English. Through our fun and revealing programme, you will be stunned by the high percentage (85%+) of English words you have been mispronouncing all along. This course will definitely enhance your speaking and listening tremendously.


  • To speak English with correct pronunciation

  • To improve clarity of spoken English

  • To speak and present much more confidently

  • To understand every word of native spoken English

  • To self-correct and eliminate miscommunications

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence