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Writing Business English


​“Our sales emails and letters are getting more responses.”
David Choi, Marketing Director [Industrial Equipment]
“My emails are much shorter now. Most importantly, they will be read and can be understood!”
Rebecca Ho, Customer Service Manager [Telecom]
“We are no longer ringing up colleagues or customers to check if they understand our emails. We are saving a lot of effort, time… and face.”
Helen Hwang, Financial Controller [Supply Chain]

Want to have effective English writing that you can do easily and your recipients will appreciate? We can help you write clearly, concisely and correctly without using templates and/or translation software. You will understand important grammar rules without memorizing them. Your writing will become more readable and businesslike with less effort.


  • to write clearly and concisely

  • to spot and correct your own mistakes

  • to understand and apply important grammar rules

  • to write effective business English without templates

  • to have your business writing read and understood

  • to save time, effort and face when writing business English

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence