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Effective Business eEmails


“Writing emails used to be my biggest time waster at work. With the help of this programme, I have cut it by half. More importantly, my emails are read and responded. I feel great with my improvement.”
Ellen Tai, Banker [private banking]
“I am so pleased that my boss asked me the other day if I had attended a writing course as he could tell the difference. He said that my emails are now concise and to-the-point.”
Derek Ho, Logistics Manager [manufacturing]
“I used to believe that I need to use difficult words to write good emails. But I was convinced by Ray that we can use only simple words and expressions to write quality emails straight from our heart. This is exactly how we should do it. Indeed, everyone can do it.”
Mandy Fung, Internal Auditor [compliance]

Email has revolutionized the way we communicate at work. As a result, writing and reading messages are consuming a huge part of the working day. Writing emails, in particular, has become the biggest time waster of many people. Very often, we do not know how and where to start an email. Most importantly, we are not sure if our emails are understood. According to many surveys, more than half of emails are simply not read by recipients, not to mention the desired response from them. This popular programme will help you compose effective messages that really benefit your organization – and save you time.


  • To make sure your emails get opened and read

  • To structure your message logically

  • To address your readers’ needs

  • To get your message across

  • To make your email readable

  • To shorten your message by up to half

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence