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Speaking Business English


“We are now speaking and writing with only simple and direct English. It’s easy and it works.”
Ronnie Hui, Project Leader [IT systems]
“I am much more confident in speaking English, especially to native English speakers. The programme is really useful and fun.”
Corey Ho, General Sales Manager, Heidelberg Hong Kong Ltd [Consumables]
“Our English speaking customers are no longer showing us puzzled faces when they talk to us. We are simply selling more these days.”
Clara Lee, Customer Relationship Manager [Industrial Products]

Good English speaking skills are essential for effective workplace communication. Many people find it difficult to come up with the right words, structure relevant content, use the correct tone and respond instantly. We will help you boost your speaking skills and build your confidence with role plays simulating workplace situations.


  • To structure ideas for easy understanding

  • To speak with simple and appropriate words

  • To use the correct tone

  • To refuse requests politely

  • To speak English confidently

  • To handle face-to-face and telephone conversations effectively

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence