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Writing Business English


​Advanced Module* (2.5-hour x 3 sessions or 7-hour x 1 day)

  1. The “You Attitude” in business writing

  2. Revisiting essential grammar rules 2 of 3

  3. The appropriate and sensible use of the active and passive voice

  4. Common writing errors in Hong Kong 2 of 2

  5. Writing with a positive tone

  6. Proofreading and editing sentences 2 of 2

  7. Spotting incorrect use of words and expressions 1 of 2

  8. Enhancing readability using simple words and short phrases 2 of 2

  9. The Clarity Index: the readability score card of your writing

  10. Proofreading and editing real-life work 1 of 2

* Participants are strongly advised to take the Essential Module before proceeding to the Advanced Module