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Business Report Writing


“I used to dread writing business reports. Ray not only killed my fear but also demonstrated to me that I can do it myself without using templates.”
Patrick Lai, Civil Engineer [construction]
“My English writing skill was weak. But the warm and smooth start really helped. Most important, I am now much more confident in writing reports. Though still far from perfect, my reports are considered very acceptable by my English boss.”
Rebecca Chow, Account Manager [advertising]
“This is only English programme I find really useful, for the first time. To be honest, I could not believe that Ray is a local who speaks fluent Cantonese. His understanding of our needs is a big plus to the participants. He knows how to fix our problems.”
Cathy Leung, Customer Service Manager [hospitality]

Writing clear and concise business correspondence is challenging enough to some people. Writing a formal business report is often considered a daunting task to most people. A professionally written business report is the result of good planning, a simple structure, clear presentation, an appropriate style and most importantly concise writing. This programme helps you become competent in these key areas of report writing. You will find this course not only practical, but also enlightening and fun. It is simply a great learning experience for you.


  • To identify and plan a clear report structure

  • To tell your readers why and what they need to know

  • To build rapport with your readers

  • To keep readers reading to the end of the report

  • To keep your language flow

  • To convince your readers and have them accept your report

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence