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Hammering Grammar


“Grammar has always been my biggest obstacle in the learning of English. Ray has proven it to me that this is something even I can manage.”
Yvonne Chu, Executive Secretary [property development]
“After this enjoyable course, I know that grammar is something to learn, not to memorize. I am much more confident than before. Being grammar-literate is a great advantage to my business writing.”
Sammi Lau, Senior Manager - Corporate Communication [public utility]
“I am spending plenty of time flipping traditional dictionaries these days. With a minute or two, I can solve most of the grammar issues on my own. This is something truly amazing.”
Hugo Cheung, Financial Planner [insurance]

Grammar is the glue of any language. Without a reasonable grasp of grammar rules, we simply cannot master the English language. Many people, even native English speakers, have great difficulties understanding and applying grammar rules. Through interactive fun exercises, we are going to help you “learn”, not “memorize” the fundamentals of English grammar. You will find our programme not only enlightening, but also enjoyable and “enabling”. English grammar… don’t blame it, but tame it.


  • To learn grammar rules with ease

  • To communicate in proper English instead of Chinese English

  • To be sensitive with grammatical mistakes

  • To self-correct grammatical mistakes using dictionaries and tool books

  • To be confidently applying English grammar rules in writing and speaking

* Participants are strongly advised to take the modules in sequence