Public Programme

Writing Business English

  • To write clearly and concisely​

  • To write effective business English without templates​

  • To have your business writing read and understood

Speaking Business English

  • To structure ideas for easy understanding

  • To speak with simple and appropriate words

  • To speak English confidently

Reading to Understand

  • To fully understand a variety of business material

  • To interpret articles as precisely as if they are in Chinese

  • To broaden vocabulary significantly

Accurate English Pronunciation

  • To speak English with correct pronunciation

  • To speak and present much more confidently

  • To understand every word of spoken native English 

Hammering Grammar

  • To be confidently applying English grammar rules in writing and speaking

  • To communicate in proper English instead of Chinese English

  • To be sensitive with grammatical mistakes

Presenting in English

  • To correctly use simple words and expressions

  • To clearly communicate key messages in English

  • To effectively engage the audience

Effective Business eMails


  • To make sure your emails get opened and read

  • To make your email readable

  • To shorten your message by up to half

Business Report Writing

  • To identify and plan a clear report structure

  • To keep readers reading to the end of the report

  • To convince your readers and have them accept your report